Workshop nº 01 - How do I establish innovation consulting in my region?

Workshop nº 02 - Motivation, competence and success in biodiversity extension service – how can they be achieved?

Workshop nº 03 - Tension in agriculture - shaping the future with solution-focused conflict management

Workshop nº 04 - FAIRshare: How advisors can effectively use digital tools and services for supporting a more productive and sustainable agriculture.

Workshop nº 05 - The role of advisory services on the uptake of SmartFarming technologies on farm level (powered by SmartAgriHubs)

Workshop nº 06 - The AKIS for a modern and sustainable agriculture: The role of advisors, supporting CAP interventions and Horizon Europe projects

Workshop nº 07 - Land management and other measures against rural depopulation. Instruments and measures still to be developed.

Workshop nº 08 - Management in organisations providing rural advisory services - insights and initial experiences from an international pilot training course organised by Agridea/Entra in cooperation with the IALB

Workshop nº 09 - Interactive innovation in SEASN region

Workshop nº 10 - The role of advisory services in achieving the objective of reducing the use and risk of chemical pesticides and the use of fertilisers under the European Green Pact.

Workshop nº 11 - The role of extension workers in implementing the CAP's green architecture instruments: extended conditionality and eco-regulations. Less bureaucracy for farmers and extension workers?

Workshop nº 12 - Processes of exchange and transfer of knowledge to the rural sector through extension. Current status in Galicia. Importance of the knowledge chain. Analysis of needs.